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Fakultät BCI
Theoretical/Experimental Thesis

Intensification of hydroformylation of oleochemical compounds in continuous miniplant operation

Course of Study: CIW/BIW


Against the background of the finite availability of fossil raw materials, the chemical industry is also facing various challenges. On the one hand, access to chemical intermediates starting from renewable raw materials should be made possible in order to put chemical value chains on a sustainable footing. The hydroformylation of fats and fatty acid esters represents a possible route to platform chemicals with a wide-ranging downstream chemistry. On the other hand, the development of resource/energy-efficient processes and recycling strategies for expensive catalysts is required. Process intensification through the use of alternative reactor concepts, such as a jet loop reactor (Fig. 1), holds great potential to address these challenges. Therefore, reaction systems based on renewable raw materials are to be developed and subsequently transferred to a continuously operated miniplant
(Fig. 2).


  • Modifications of the existing plant setup
  • Preliminary tests for stock se­pa­ra­tion and parameter optimization
  • Continuous long-term operation of the Miniplant


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Thomas Roth
G1 - Room 5.13

+49 231 / 755-4335

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Schaubild jetloop reactor Please provide a copyright notice
Fig. 1: Schematic representation of a Jetloop reactor
Prozessbild jetloopreaktor dekanter Please provide a copyright notice
Fig. 2: Flow diagram of the plant with continuous catalyst recycling using a jet loop reactor for hydroformylation of oleochemical compounds