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Fakultät BCI
Experimental Thesis

Intensification of carbonylation reactions in aqueous multiphase systems

Course of Study: CIW / BIW / Chemistry


Although homogeneous transition metal catalysts often come with many strengths, most large-scale processes are catalyzed heterogeneously due to easier separation. Since recycling of the expensive transition metals is essential for the sustainability of the processes, the development of efficient separation and recycling concepts of the homogeneous catalysts is required.
While immobilization in multiphase systems is a promising approach, it is also accompanied by various challenges (e.g. mass transfer limitation). In the context of this work, the implementation of improvement strategies for the performance of homogeneously catalyzed carbonylation reactions (see Fig. 1) in aqueous multiphase systems will be investigated and optimized.

Reaktion: Hydroaminomethylation: R-C-C=C ->(+CO/H2+cat.;Hydroformylation) R-C-C-C=O ->(+NHR2/H2+cat.) R-C-C-C-C-NR2 + H2O
Fig. 1: Reaction schemes of various carbonylation reactions.

The first approach is to improve mixing and thus increase the phase interface by carrying out the reaction in the innovative jet loop reactor (see Fig. 2). In the second approach, cyclodextrins are used as phase transfer mediators to improve the contacting of the catalyst with substrate molecules at the phase interface.


  • Carrying out reactions in the pressure and jet loop reactor
  • Optimization of reaction parameters
  • Transfer to continuous miniplant operation


October 2021


Thomas Roth
G1 - Room 5.13

+49 231 / 755-4335

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Schematic Representation of a Jetloop Reactor: Oben einfließend: Gas, Substrat, Recycle; unten: ausströmend: Produkt, Recycle, Im Jetloop: Zirkulationsstrom
Fig. 2: Schematic representation of a Jetloop reactor.