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Fakultät BCI

Membranverfahren und hybride Trennverfahren

Type Lecture (1 SWS) + Exercise (1 SWS)
Credits 2,5
Rhythm Winter Semester (Block)
Bachelor / Master Master
Audience CIW, BIW, PSE
Language German
LSF number (VL + Ü) 066137
Moodle Room

Membranverfahren und hybride Trennverfahren

Registration (necessary) in LSF: 066137

Please refer to the LSF for the most recent in­for­mation.

Course Content

This course covers the fundamentals of membrane separation processes and (bio)membrane reactors. The focus is on their computer-aided modelling and simulation. In addition, the structure and areas of application of hybrid separation processes are presented. The exercise includes the detailed design of a membrane module and the subsequent computer-aided interconnection with another unit operation to simulate hybrid separation processes.

Aquired competences

After attending the course, students will be able to describe the different membrane processes and their respective operating principles, list relevant industrial applications for the individual membrane processes, select the appropriate membrane process for a specific separation task, adequately model membrane processes and calculate them using suitable conventional and computer-aided methods, calculate and design hybrid separation processes using suitable simulation software.

Further Details

Exam Written - 60 min
Preliminaries -

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