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Experimental work

Hydrogenation reactions of various substrates with a novel catalyst

Course of Study: CIW / BIW / Ch


Hydrogenations are industrially widespread reactions. They require the presence of a suitable catalyst. In this context, further developments of existing systems with respect to activity and selectivity to desired target product are constantly carried out to save resources and emissions. A novel production approach has opened up a new class of possible catalysts, which will be investigated in this work for their activity and selectivity in multiphase hydrogenations of different substrate classes.
The substrates are, on the one hand, renewable raw materials such as terpenes, in which a double bond is to be selectively retained. This is typically difficult to achieve with conventional catalysts. On the other hand, however, nitroaromatics are also to be hydrogenated to their aniline derivatives or possibly intermediates in order to illuminate the potential of various metals in hydrogenation with the new system in an exploratory manner. Exemplary reactions are shown in Figure 1.


  • Carrying out reactions in a pressure reactor with different substrates
  • Optimization of reaction parameters
  • Analysis by means of GC-FID, NMR, GC-MS


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M. Sc. Florian Lehmann
Room G1-512
+49 231 / 755-2316

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Fig. 1: Examples of hydrogenation reactions to be investigated