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Process simulation and evaluation of alternative process interconnections in the homogeneously catalyzed hydroaminomethylation of 1-decene.

Prozessfließbild: substrate -> reactor -> wärmetauscher -> decanter(->non-polar zu product) -> Rückführung des polaren wobei wasser abtrennt wird und nur der katalysator zurückgeführt
Fig. 1: Basic flow diagram of the Miniplant.

Course of Study: CIW/BIW


In the development of new chemical production processes, the miniplant technique is the second step in the process development. The miniplant represents the technical process with all process with all circuits and recirculations on a smaller scale and provides valuable information about a process before it can be realized on an industrial scale. Through this, various campaigns have already been conducted with different reactions and different strategies for recycling the valuable homogeneous catalyst. On the basis of the existing experimental data, AspenPlus will be used to evaluate the various of the different process variants. The evaluation will be based on both ecological and economic criteria.

Alken ->(+CO/H2+cat.) Aldehyd ->(+H2+NHR2+cat.) Tertiäre Produktamine + H2O


  • Literature search
  • Sifting experimental data
  • Conceptual design of the process alternatives (upstreaming and downstreaming)
  • Implement the different process alternatives in AspenPlus
  • Input of the experimental data
  • Economic and ecological evaluation of the processes


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Tim Riemer
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